Spolin-Ist Players New York

Learn improv from its mother; Viola Spolin!

In our weekly classes we explore Viola Spolin’s improvisation technique following her book; Improvisation for The Theater. Spolin games are fun, inclusive and open to both actors and non-actors. Spolin’s approach is about releasing one’s creativity through spontaneity and sense of game playing. Her work is used by actors, writers, directors, teachers, therapists, and anyone working to improve their communication skills. Click here to read more about Viola Spolin.

Classes are on Tuesday nights from 7pm to 10pm. Players who continue the program have the chance to be a part of our performance group.

Director/Sidecoach: Ege Maltepe

Contact: emir.g@spolinist.com

“Her book is the bible” Rob Reiner (Actor/Director)

EGE MALTEPEThe company is led by Ege Maltepe, the Turkish translator of Spolin’s seminal book; Improvisation for The Theater. Maltepe founded SPOLIN-IST in 2009 in Istanbul after her graduation from The New Actors Workshop – an acting conservatory in New York founded by Mike Nichols, Oscar award winner director who started his career as an improviser, the famous acting guru George Morrison and Paul Sills Viola Spolin’s son and founder of Compass Players and Second City in Chicago. 

 Maltepe worked as an assistant teacher in New Actors Workshop for Movement Improvisation classes, and was the Stage Manager for the director Carol B. Sills, the editor of Spolin books, for the Story Theater Production of The Tao of Chuang Chou in 2010. She often travels to Turkey and Europe to lead Spolin Improvisation workshops.

Ege Maltepe is an actress, director and playwright living in New York City. Please check her website for more information about her work: http://www.egemaltepe.com


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